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The Beholder

The Beholder, detail

This piece was created in honor of one of my favorite artists, Joseph Cornell.  Since the artist worked mostly with boxes, I created a painting of his face within the box of a clock-face.  He is portrayed as if he is looking through a monacle or looking glass, but in fact it is a peep-hole that allows  you to look inside of him… into the inner workings of the clock!  By pulling a chain beneath the piece, you are able to see the clock parts move.  Another pully allows you to turn on a small light inside of the piece.

This is another one of those “drastically reduced because I’m moving” pieces.

It measures around 5 feet tall and 12 inches deep/wide (need to measure it).

Buyer pays actual shipping price + insurance (unless picked up locally).   If buying from a distance, please supply me with your zip code so that I can get an estimated shipping cost, to include professional packing.