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Commissioned Work

I occasionally get inquiries about creating a custom artwork, and would be honored to create a unique piece for you. In order to simplify the process, I’ve come up with a general price plan to help you consider your needs and budget. Whether you have a general idea in mind, several subjects you’d like to include in one painting or a specific photograph you want reinterpreted within my aesthetic style, I can meet with you to discuss your custom creation.  Please note that prices may vary depending on the complexity degree of details desired. The prices below are for paintings on panel or stretched canvas:

11”x14” or 12″x12″: 1 subject = $300; 2 subjects = $340; 3 subjects = $380
14”x18” or 16″x16″: 1 subject = $450; 2 subjects = $490; 3 subjects = $530
16”x20” or 18″x18″: 1 subject = $600; 2 subjects = $640; 3 subjects = $680
18”x24” or 20″x20″: 1 subject = $700; 2 subjects = $750 3 subjects = $800
24″x30″ or 26″x26″: 1 subject = $800; 2 subjects = $850; 3 subjects = $900
24”x36” or 30″x30″: 1 subject = $900; 2 subjects = $950; 3 subjects = $1000

(subject = person or animal, landscape element, etc. For example, my painting, Primordial Slumber would qualify as 2 subjects (woman + tree)

Commission Details, and Installment Schedule:

Installment One: Upon deciding on a subject, size, and design ideas for the commission, I will need 1/3 down.  I will write out a contract so that we both have a clear understanding of the details of the project.  I will then use your photographs to create a small collage which may be altered digitally or with drawing/painting to customize the idea and design. We discuss the direction of the color and composition. At this point, if you decide you do not want to go forward, I retain the  payment. If you want to keep the collage we may need to renegotiate, depending on size and time spent on the collage (no more than 1/2 cost of the final commission).

Installment Two: After I have enlarged the design to the full size, the direction of the color scheme will start to take shape, but the details will be rough at this point.  We will meet (or email photos if by distance) to see if there are any alterations in the design that are needed before I commit to further detail. Upon approval, I’ll need the second payment installment to proceed.

Installment Three: Once the painting is complete we will again meet (or email) to discuss the final details. Final payment is needed for delivery of the finished piece. If the work is being shipped the customer pays the invoice plus a cost of shipping in advance of delivery.