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Shipping and Returns » What shipping methods do you use, and how do you determine shipping costs?

Orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail, USPS Parcel Post, or UPS Ground, unless otherwise requested and available.  Shipping is based on estimated combined weight of your order:

.1-1 lb= $5
1.1-3 lbs = $9
3.1-5 lbs = $12
5.1-10 lbs = $15
10.1-15 lbs = $20
15.1-20 lbs = $25
over 20 lbs = $30

(The above applies to US continental states only.  Deliveries to Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom will have extra charges, which may be adjusted up or down according actual shipping costs).  Because of a variety of factors, it is difficult to pre-determine shipping costs.  If the actual cost of shipping differs by more than $3 from the actual cost, an additional Paypal invoice or refund may be expected.

If you have a specific method that you prefer for shipments, such as UPS Ground or Parcel Post, we will try to accommodate this if you request it in the “notes” section at checkout (needs to be within a few dollars of the automatic rate charged to your order to prevent additional charges).  If you need the order upgraded to a faster shipping method (such as USPS Express), you’ll receive an additional Paypal invoice to cover the additional cost if it is more than a few dollars above the cost charged to your order.