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To establish a wholesale account, please email me the name and location of your storefront.  If you have a website, please include the URL.  To make previewing my catalog easier for stores, I’ve posted a  web version of my line sheets below.  A printed version can be sent upon request.  All pendants and earring designs are available in 2 color versions (silver and gold leaf).   See terms below the catalog.




Dreambird Art Products
All items are hand-made by Robin Urton in her Ridgefield, Washington studio. The  majority of  sales are via stores, but this site is available for local clients and for customers in areas where stores are not available.

~ Pendant jewelry includes domed glass, resin, metallic leaf, transparent photos, and paint. All settings and chains are cadmium and lead-free.  Round pendants have a relief image of a tree on the reverse.

~ Mounted prints are decoupaged onto quality plywood with archival glue, then sealed with a durable varnish. Includes hardware for hanging.

~ Notecards are archival quality and blank inside, perfect for all occasions.


Minimums: I set a reasonable minimum for wholesale accounts so that you will have a good display of my items.   I require $150 for a first-time order ($75 for cards only order).

Wholesale Prices:
Small pendants (25mm round and 22x30mm oval) = $12
Large pendants (30mm round and 30x40mm oval) = $13
Earrings: $13 (or $15 with crystal beads added)
Vintage setting pendants = $15

How to Purchase
You can purchase from Dreambird Art in 2 ways:
(1) You can visit my wholesale storefront at indieme.com.  If you are not currently a member of the site, you can easily become one by filling out a registration form providing information about your store, and the process is free.  If you prefer not to become a member of the site, you can shop MY storefront on the site by entering through a visitor page: indieme.com/visitor.  Then enter my artist’s number and password: 27458/Cre8tive.   One benefit to the Wholesale Crafts site is that it does not automatically charge you for your purchase.  Instead, you request when you would prefer to have the order delivered and you can leave your card number on their secure website.  I will not charge you until the order is close to being ready for shipment.
(2) You can also order by sending me an e-mail of item descriptions, or by calling me directly by phone: 360-644-2814.

All orders must be prepaid before shipment. After 2 prepaid orders, net 30 terms may be established, upon buyer’s request, with approved credit.  This is not automatic and is up to the seller’s discretion.

I stand behind my products and will exchange or fix any item free of charge (please inform of any problems within 7 days of delivery). You are welcome to swap out designs if items are in their original condition.

Most orders shipped via USPS Priority (normally between $7-13 for jewelry or cards orders; higher for mounted prints). I offer free shipping on orders of $300 or more.

Product samples are available upon request at wholesale cost plus actual shipping. (Your card will not be refunded if samples are returned within 60 days, in selling condition). Limits apply.

I honor selective distribution agreements with my existing accounts. However, if you have a gallery in a large city I will sell to another gallery in that city as long as they are a reasonable distance from you. To maintain exclusivity for your community, I require a minimum of 1 re-order within a six month period following the initial order. If the minimum is not met, I reserve the right to seek another exclusive dealer.

I have a “stores” page (linked at the top of this page) where I name current stores that carry my art and jewelry.  (This is updated every 3-6 months, and stores who have not re-ordered within 8-12 months fall off of the list unless they have been a regular customer in the past).


Custom Pendants
Because my pendants are based on photographs of artwork, I can also create custom pendants based on your company’s logo, or themes that are good sellers in your stores.  You will either need to own the copyright for the image, use an image that is copyright-free, or have me design an image for your purposes (minimum purchase required for new designs).  Please call to discuss your options.  This has been a good-selling item for many of my stores!